Dec 27, 2014

Lying is not Good, Always Say the Truth to Your Parents

 In our life we sometimes lie as we are afraid to speak the truth. A person lies because he may be afraid that the truth may make someone angry, or with the intention to do the same wrong thing again and again without telling about it to anyone. In this post I'll be making you know that how I lied to my parents, and then later on realized it to be a mistake. Do try to understand the moral of this story as it will turn you into a better person.

 I'm talking about the days when I was in junior college and was able to make few good friends. Junior college days are unforgettable for each one of us as it is that amazing time of our life when we get a chance to enjoy a lot with new friends.

 As it was the start of college life, me and my new friends just wanted to roam and eat together. We decided to bunk the college so that we can go to a nearby park and then to a restaurant. We used to do this thing almost twice in a week. I don't know about my friends, but I never revealed to my parents the thing that I'm bunking college 2 to 3 times in a week. I was afraid to say the truth because I knew that after knowing the truth my parents will shout on me.

 I was little afraid of the thing that my parents may get to know the truth that am bunking the college from someone else, and finally this happened. One day while me and my friends were in a restaurant a relative of mine saw me, but I myself failed to notice that a relative was in the same restaurant. He later on called my parents and told them that he saw me today in a restaurant with some friends.

 Next day my parents shouted on me, and then they were very angry that I lied to them. They told me that they are not angry because of the reason that I bunked, but because of the reason that I lied to them. I realized that I shouldn't have lied to my parents and from that day I decided to always be true to them.

 After going through this post you must have definitely understood the importance of saying the truth and you must have said these words to yourself - 'Kitna Chain hota hai na Sachchai mein'. You should also watch Kinley 2014 TVC to know that how a girl couldn't sleep just because she lied to her dad. And then, how good she felt after telling the truth to her dad.

 Kinley 2014 TVC

Kinley India is a popular brand as it provides people in India with bottled water of very good quality. The above video of Kinley has become popular because of the reason that it is going to make many people speak the truth to their friends, relatives etc. I believe that lying can get us into a big trouble, but by speaking the truth one can feel relax and happy.


  1. Nice post....I also always inform my parents before bunking....

  2. hey Arpita thanks :-) It is good that you always tell everything to your parents. Keep doing the same.


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