Jan 31, 2014

Mumbai Monorail : From 2nd February Connecting Wadala and Chembur

Mumbai Monorail is the India's first Monorail which will start running from 2nd February. In the starting phase Monorail will connect Chembur and Wadala. All Mumbaikars are definitely excited as Monorail is really something many were waiting to get so that they can travel easily at low cost and also save their time. We shall now know many other things about Mumbai Monorail and also how it looks.

India's first Monorail will be inaugurated by Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan today which is Saturday. It is really a memorable day as India's first Monorail is going to get inaugurated today in Mumbai. Traffic in Mumbai and even the crowd in train is often something many complain about and now with Monorail starting in Mumbai it will definitely bring the change in traffic and crowd in trains. As more people will start using Monorail the traffic on many roads will start decreasing.

Image Source : www.monorails.org

India's first Monorail which is Mumbai Monorail will be really helpful to those who want to reach to their college, office etc very fast and that too by spending less amount. People who think that they have to spend lot of amount on petrol just because they need to use their private vehicle for reaching to their office can definitely now make use of Mumbai Monorail. Mumbai Monorail has 4 coaches and can accommodate totally around 560 passengers which is really a good number. In the start Mumbai Monorail will be available at an interval of 15 minutes and it will run from 7 am to 3 pm. In the future Monorail will run from morning 5 am to night 12 pm. If you want to travel between Central Suburb of Wadala and Eastern Suburb of Chembur then definitely the best way to travel will be in Monorail Mumbai as it takes very less time.

You need to know the important thing that all the coaches of Monorail Mumbai are air-conditioned coaches and Monorail won't run unless all the doors get properly closed. There is proper security provided for Monorail Mumbai and all type of required equipment are available at Monorail stations. Average speed at which Mumbai Monorail will run is 65 Kms per hour which is also 40 mph. As Monorail runs at a good height you will be able to see roads really well from the Monorail and it shall really be a superb experience travelling in the first Monorail of India for which most people were waiting very eagerly from good time.

Lakhs of people will be able to save their time and travel at lower cost because of Monorail Mumbai. Around 1100 Crores have been spent for the first phase of Monorail and in the future you will see Monorail connecting many more parts of Mumbai. We will have to definitely wait for the second phase of Mumbai Monorail.

All people from Mumbai are definitely excited to try out Monorail themselves and the excitement will definitely increase after knowing the thing that Mumbai Monorail's ticket cost is very affordable. Mumbai Monorail's ticket cost ranges from Rs 5 to Rs 15 which is according to the distance covered. Definitely the ticket cost of Rs 15 is affordable seeing the thing that it covers good distance between Chembur and Wadala and that too only in around 15 minutes which is very less while travelling in train takes definitely more time than this.


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