Jun 11, 2015

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router with Built-in Storage : Features, Price Etc

Xiaomi which is now popular for its Android smartphones, accessories etc has now announced Mi WiFi router which comes with built-in storage. If you're someone who likes high speed connectivity and need more storage space, then you definitely need to go for this Mi WiFi router. Xiaomi Mi WiFi router will make Xiaomi's fans happy as they will be able to get better transfer speed and more storage. Know the features, price and other details regarding the new Mi WiFi router in this post.

Features, Price, Variants of Mi WiFi Router

 Mi WiFi router comes with Enterprise-class PCB antenna array and supports 802.11 ac standard which shall provide you with good speed. It supports some of the older standards too. It is powered with 1.4GHz Dual Core Broadcom 4709c processor. It comes with 512MB RAM. One of the amazing features of this new WiFi router from Xiaomi is that one can backup images from smartphone as well as camera. This WiFi router with good features looks good and you may definitely find it to be one of the best routers. You'll be able to access the data stored by making use of the Apps (Android or iOS).

 When it comes to ports, Xiaomi Mi WiFi router comes with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 1 full-sized USB port.

 Depending upon you budget, you can go for the Xiaomi Mi WiFi router with 1TB storage or the Xiaomi Mi WiFi router with 6TB storage.

 Xiaomi Mi WiFi storage with 1GB storage option is priced at 699 yuan which is around $112, while the Xiaomi Mi WiFi router with 6TB storage option comes at 2999 yuan ($485). According to me, the Mi WiFi router with 1GB storage option is going to be an affordable option for many.

 Mi WiFi router may get available in 2 different colors which are Black and White.

 Still now there is no announcement regarding the global launch of the new Mi WiFi router, but its sale will start at Xiaomi's website from June 18.

 Xiaomi has launched some other gadgets too which includes an Yeelight Bedside Lamp and i-Youth Smart Air Conditioner.

 Do let us know your opinion about Xiaomi Mi WiFi router. You may definitely expect Xiaomi to launch some amazing gadgets in future. Xiaomi's Mi WiFi router is going to be a very useful WiFi router for many. Xiaomi must be expecting this router to get success in different countries.


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