Mar 1, 2015

Staying Motivated to Succeed - How My Father Has Guided Me in the Best Way?

 In life motivation is required as a person can get success only by putting in efforts continuously without getting afraid by failure. Some people give up in their life as they get disappointed by failure or the thing that they haven't been able to get success even after working hard for years. Success and failure both are the different parts of our life. Failure in CA course frustrated me, but then too I didn't give up. In this post I'll make you know that how my father has always supported me and guided me in the best way.

 My father worked as a Government employee for more than 30 years which is the thing which always motivates me to work hard continuously. Doing the same job continuously for years is not very easy, but sometimes it is what one needs to do.

I started writing content for websites and clients 7 years back. One of the reasons to choose writing as a hobby as well as a part time job was the motivation I got seeing my father work hard for so many years. One of the tasks he had to do while working as a government employee was getting documents typed properly. He always told me about his typing speed and that's why I kept trying my best to improve typing speed as well as my writing skills.

 My father in my childhood always suggested me to read newspapers and magazines regularly which is also one of the reasons that has helped me in becoming a good content writer.

 I was able to successfully clear MCOM exams, but I was unable to clear my CA exams. I thought that I may not study further, but then I again got support from my father as well as my mother. They told me to give up CA course and at the same time they wanted me to opt in for some other course.

 It is this support which I got from my family that motivated me to opt in for LLB by giving up CA course. This experience made me learn that we shouldn't get disappointed by a failure as failure is a part of our life. Now I'm in second year LLB and at the same time I'm regularly writing for 2-3 blogs of mine.

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