Sep 9, 2014

Reasons to Buy Moto G (2nd-Gen) Online at [Rs 12,999]

Now you can buy Moto G (2nd Gen) smartphone online at an affordable price of Rs 12,999 which is definitely one of the best options for anyone having budget between Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000. After the huge success of Moto E, Moto G and Moto X in India, it seems that Motorola has decided to launch 2nd generation version of all its smartphones. In this article I'll let you know the different reasons to buy Moto G (2nd Gen) smartphone without thinking much about the other available options. I'm just trying to mention the factors which attract me towards this newly launched Moto G (2nd Gen) smartphone.

 So here are the reasons which you may definitely like to check out before buying the next smartphone for yourself.

 Moto G 2nd Gen Smartphones has Quad Core Processor

 Dual Core processor is powerful, but Quad Core processor is definitely more powerful than Dual Core processor. 2nd Gen Moto G smartphone comes with Quad Core Snapdragon processor which means that 2nd Gen Moto G smartphone is powerful and it may definitely give a superb experience.

 Good Camera Features

 A 8 megapixel rear facing camera and 2 megapixel front facing camera is what been offered with Moto G (2nd Gen) smartphone. As the camera features are going to give a satisfactory experience you may definitely think about buying this smartphone.

 Good Internal and External Memory

 Something which people didn't like about the first Moto G smartphone is that it didn't have external memory card slot. Moto G 2nd Gen smartphone comes with 16GB internal memory and microSD card slot provides option to get external memory up to 32GB. People who didn't purchase first Gen Moto G smartphone due to non availability of external memory may definitely decide to purchase 2nd Gen Moto G smartphone.

Moto G 2nd Gen Smartphone has got Dual Front Speakers

Another improvement which Motorola has done this time is that it has provided Dual Front speakers in the front. If you need a smartphone which provides good audio quality then you may definitely make the decision to buy Moto G (2nd Gen) online.

 Much Better than First Gen Moto G smartphone

 Another reason which may make many people go for this smartphone is that it is much better than its previous version. Moto G 2nd smartphone has got better display screen, processor, camera features than its first version which may make many people get attracted to this new Motorola smartphone.

 Buy Moto G 2nd Gen for getting Good Offers

 One more superb reason for purchasing this awesome smartphone could be that one gets some amazing offers with this smartphone. Like the first gen Moto G smartphone, second gen Moto G smartphone is also available at Flipkart only. You'll yourself feel amazed to see the superb offers which Flipkart is offering with this smartphone.

 Buy Moto G (2nd Gen) Black Color 

 Buy Moto G (2nd Gen) White Color

 I hope that these reasons will help you in deciding that whether Moto G (2nd Gen) smartphone is the right one for you or not. After the launch of Moto G (2nd Gen) we can expect that Motorola is again going to compete with other smartphones manufacturers as they may launch many more superb Android smartphones very soon in India. The success of Moto G (2nd Gen) smartphone is what Motorola may be expecting now, as Xiaomi smartphones have reduced the sales of other smartphones in India.  Will you buy Moto G (2nd Gen) smartphone for yourself?


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