Apr 11, 2014

Facebook Pages Reach May Get Improved Very Soon

Facebook Marketing is very useful for bloggers, people doing online business, Entrepreneurs etc. Facebook News Feed spam has increased over the recent time. Most of those who have a Facebook Page complain that their Page Reach has reduced. Many of such people have tried many things to improve their Facebook Page reach but they have not succeeded. Facebook is now again going to make all such Publishers happy as it is going to take some good steps

If you are a blogger and have been talking about the decrease in your Facebook Pages reach then this news is for you. Soon there may be some updates done and your problem may end. You must be definitely excited to know that how your problem is going to end.

News Feed Spam Will Stop

You may soon stop complaining that your posts and updates are not reaching to the fans of your Facebook Page. The decrease in reach is because of the pages which promote spam. Some of the publishers make use of posts which are spammy just because they want to get more number of fans for their Facebook Page. If you are also promoting such posts on your Facebook Page then definitely you need to stop doing it soon.

Facebook News Feed spam has increased because of these posts. Facebook may do something for stopping the publishers to stop promoting this posts. Some posts are very spammy which are made only to get the maximum reach.

Not Allowing Publishers to Promote Spam On Facebook Pages

Publishers who promote only useful content on their Facebook Page related to their blog or website have also suffered from low Facebook Page reach. Publishers started thinking that only paid promotion will work now but this news that Facebook is going to try to improve the Pages reach again will definitely make publishers happy.

Stop Promoting the Same Stuff

Have you written an epic post and want to promote it very well? Even if you have written an epic post, you shouldn't share the content again and again on your Facebook Page. From now sharing the same thing again and again may not be liked by Facebook. This time Facebook is going to ask Publishers to not share the same content again and again in a short span of time.

Publishers Should Share Relevant Content

Irrelevant content may not be always liked by the fans of any Facebook Page. If you also share irrelevant content on your Facebook Page then you should stop it immediately. Your FB page reach may improve if you share relevant content only.

If you get frustrated on seeing the posts which tell you to share, like or comment then you should be happy that such posts are going to decrease. Facebook will not even allow sharing of spam links on Pages. If you share links which are not at all useful then too your Facebook Page may suffer. This news will make those publishers happy who share the best quality content on their Page and then too were suffering from low reach.


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