Apr 9, 2011

How to earn money from Mginger

How to earn money from Mginger -

  One of the way to earn money online is by receiving sms and one of the best sites which pays money to receive sms is Mginger which is very popular and working from very long period.Mginger has lot of users and has paid lots of money to people.Mginger is a way to earn regular income just by receiving sms.If you want to earn good income from mginger then you need to make referrals as you get paid 10paisa for every sms received by your friend and 5sms for every sms received by friend of friend.For registering on Mginger click here .

 The minimum amount of payment at Mginger is 300Rs and the amount is dispatched by cheque.If you are looking to earn good amount of money online with the help of mginger then you should try to make as many referrals as you can.If you make 5 to 10referrals daily at Mginger and keep doing it for more then year then after a year you will earn good amount of money every month from mginger.

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