Apr 10, 2011

Blackberry Torch 2 Release Date & Specs

Blackberry Torch 2 Release Date and Specs -

Now the successor of Blackberry Torch,Blackberry Torch 2 will be release soon in some days.Blackberry Torch 2 is very much similar in looks to Blackberry Torch.Blackberry Torch 2 comes with 1.2GHz processor  that works great with the Blackberry OS 6.1 .Blackberry Torch 2 is Gprs,Edge enabled and has many exciting features.After Blackberry Torch success its the time for Blackberry Torch 2 and it will be released around July.
Blackberry Torch 2 has 8GB storage and comes with Wifi and Bluetooth.Blackberry Torch 2 is a very exciting mobile phone which also has Magnetometer.It will be exciting to see whether Blackberry Torch 2 gets the same success Blackberry Torch has got.


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