Dec 6, 2015

Sugar Free Rice Kheer - Taste with Health

Everyone loves desserts and one of the traditional desserts which is known to most of us is Rice Kheer. It is one of the desserts that we have very regularly and even my relatives, friends love to eat kheer after eating the tasty food. People having diabetes may have still now controlled their desire to eat Kheer, but now they will be able eat Sugar Free Rice Kheer as sugar is substituted with Sugar Free Natura.

 Sugar Free Natura is very easy to use and you just need to sprinkle it for cooking your favorite desserts. It is definitely going to be one of the best substitutes for those who want to avoid sugar.

 I asked my mom that how we can make Rice Kheer using Sugar Free Natura and she made me know the entire recipe. I don't know cooking much, but making Kheer seemed to be very easy. It doesn't require many ingredients and at the same time it doesn't consume much time. So if you're someone who loves Kheer, then definitely check out the procedure to make Sugar Free Rice Kheer.

 Even if you're not the best at cooking, you'll be able to make Sugar Free Rice Kheer in less than an hour and surprise everyone at your home.

 Ingredients for Making Rice Kheer 

 500 ml Milk

 100 gms Rice

 Sugar Free Natura


 Cashew Nuts


 Steps to Follow for Making Rice Kheer

 1. Wash the rice and then soak it in water for 30 to 40 minutes.

 2. Drain the rice completely.

 3. Put ghee in a pan and then add the drained rice to it. Keep sauting it for 5-8 minutes. Make sure you're doing this on a medium flame.

 4. Add the milk and then cook until the quanity of milk reduces to 3/4th.

 5. After this, you need to add the Sugar Free Nutura.

 6. Cook until the milk is reduced to half.

 7. Add the dry fruits which are Cashew Nuts and Almonds.

 You'll definitely like the tasty Rice Kheer and no one at your home will shout at you as you've substituted sugar with Sugar Free Natura.

 Visit Sugar Free India website to know about the 'Dessert Challenge' organized by Sugar Free. It will also allow you to know different amazing recipes by going through the different videos. Sugar Free is definitely a right solution for all the people who are not allowed to eat the best desserts because of sugar. You should keep visiting the Sugar Free website for knowing more stuff related to Sugar Free Natura.

 I hope that you'll soon try to make Sugar Free Rice Kheer at your home. I am going to make even my friends know this recipe so that anyone in their family looking for sugar subsitute will be able to have various desserts made using Sugar Free Nutura. Do let me know that whether you too love to eat Rice Kheer.


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