Jul 7, 2015

eBasta - Digital Library Providing Downloadable School Books

Digital India Initiative is a very popular initiative by Government of India. 'eBasta.in' is the new digital library launched by Government of India. It will provide digital school books which will definitely be very useful for students. Not only eBook version of school books will be able for download, but even other required useful books for school students are going to be available at eBasta. This initiative may definitely help the students who sometimes fail to find the required book due to the big collection of books which they have at their home.

 If as a student you love to go through various books published by different publishers for your studies, then definitely eBasta will help you out. You'll be able to immediately download your school books which you'll be easily able to go through on your tablet or laptop.

 Teachers will be able to Create eBasta for their Students

 One thing which teachers will be able to do for their students is that they will be able to create eBasta for their students. Teachers will be able to make students know that which school eBooks they should refer to in this year. Students will be easily able to find the required school books just by accessing the eBasta created by their teacher.

 Variety of Useful School eBooks for School Students

Download School Books from eBasta Library

 One of the best things about e-Basta is that not only school books will be made available, but even other publishers, teachers etc will be able to provide study material by making use of this new online platform e-Basta. So it seems that not only free e-Book version of various books, but also paid version of books will be made available by some of the publishers at eBasta.

 I hope that in future some informative and general knowledge books too will get available at eBasta. According to me, all type of useful books for school students should get available at eBasta as then only students will start finding eBasta interesting and then they will keep making use of it regularly.

 You can start reading the digital version of school books online now itself by visiting 'www.eBasta.in' or by downloading the eBasta Android App for your smartphone or tablet. Students from all over India will be able to make use of eBasta.

 eBasta is definitely a good initiative. It will be interesting to see that how frequently students will download the eBook version of their school books. Schools may also ask the students to make use of this new facility. Do you think that eBasta is going to be a very useful platform for school students?


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