Aug 7, 2015

Tweet #GetAirtel4G to Get a free 4G SIM Delivered to Your Home

Airtel 4G connectivity which was still now available on trial basis has got launched for the various towns and cities in India. The most amazing thing Airtel has done is that it is allowing people to use 4G connectivity at the price of 3G. Airtel for making people go for 4G SIM is providing 4G SIM for free and it is delivered to the home of Airtel customers. By tweeting #GetAirtel4G, you'll be making people aware about Airtel 4G connectivity. Know more about it by going through this post.

Airtel 4G Fastest Connectivity SIM Card Delivery

 How to Get Airtel 4G SIM by doing a Tweet?

 If you're having a 4G smartphone, then you too will be able to make use of 4G connectivity.

 For getting the Airtel 4G SIM, you'll need to tweet #GetAirtel4G.

 Once you'll tweet #GetAirtel4G, @AirtelIndia will reply to your tweet with a link. You'll need to visit this link and provide the details for getting the SIM delivered to your home for free.

 This innovative idea is definitely going to make many people go for the 4G SIM.

 Why Everyone is Excited to Use Airtel 4G Connectivity?

 Airtel 4G connectivity is the fastest connectivity and that's why it is the most recommended one.

 If you think that your network is faster, then take up the 'Airtel Challenge' immediately. By winning the challenge, you'll be make your mobile bills become free for lifetime.

 People who're still confused that whether they should go for 4G connectivity or not should take a demo by visiting the nearby Airtel store.

 Airtel always tries to make its customers become happy and that's why it has come with the most unique concept of 'Tweet to Get 4G SIM delivered to your home'. Make your friends know how Airtel 4G SIM is just a tweet away from them so that they too will be able to make use of the fastest network.

 Many people have got Airtel 4G SIM at their place just within 4 hours which is definitely an amazing thing. If you can't wait for Airtel 4G SIM, then you can even visit Airtel 4G website for getting the 4G SIM. Do let me know your opinion about Airtel 4G connectivity? Do you think that most people will decide to switch from 2G to Airtel 4G as it is the fastest connectivity?


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