Jan 29, 2015

Motorola to Open Experience Centers, First One in Bangalore

Motorola which has already sold more than 3 million smartphones in India in a year is now going to open Experience Center in Bangalore. Motorola has got huge success with its series of smartphones which includes Moto E, Moto G, Moto X and the second Gen version of the same smartphones. This Experience Centers will allow people in Bangalore to get a hands-on experience of their favorite Motorola smartphones.

 People in Bangalore may definitely feel happy that Motorola's first Experience store is going to open in Bangalore. I hope tO visit the Motorola Experience store once it will get open up in Mumbai.

 These Experience Stores may definitely turn out to be very helpful for many people as they will be able to get their queries and doubts solved. They may be also able to get software updates for their Motorola smartphone at these 'Experience Centers' which Motorola is all set to open very soon in India.

Motorola's Success with Moto E and wait for Moto E 2nd Gen
Moto E

 Motorola may keep selling most of its smartphones online at Flipkart. Experience stores may provide a good idea to customers about the Motorola smartphone which they want to buy.

 Motorola must be having many good plans in the year 2015. For your info, Motorola has been acquired by Lenovo in September 2014. We can expect many good smartphones launching in this year. In India companies are launching 4G enabled smartphones with 64 Bit processor, and that's why I expect Motorola to do the same.

 The main success which Motorola has got is because of 1st Gen Moto E, 1st Gen Moto G and 2nd Gen Moto G. I expect Motorola to soon come up with some new low budget and mid budget smartphones, as then Motorola will be definitely able to get much more success in India.

Moto G 1st Gen and 2nd Gen success, Motorola Experience Centers
Moto G 1st Gen

 I have also got to know that Motorola is going to try to improve its customer service by coming up with more service centres in different cities. Nowadays many companies have started offering door-to-door repairing service to customers, and Motorola may also opt to do the same.

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 Motorola may keep getting the same type of success with its smartphones. I expect Motorola to soon launch Moto E (2nd Gen) in India. It shouldn't take more than 1 or 2 months for Motorola to launch Moto E (2nd Gen) in India, but I have no confirm news about it. Lets hope that Motorola will get more success by opening Experience Centers. First Experience Center may soon get open in Bangalore, but soon Motorola may open Experience Stores in other cities too.


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