Jan 22, 2015

The Great Indian Litterbug! No Change from Years

 Litterbugs are many and you may have also got frustrated sometimes just because of them. We in India want people to change and give importance to cleanliness, but some people just don't try to change. Litterbugs will keep on throwing papers around, keep spitting and they may do many such things which they shouldn't. They don't even feel bad for the wrong things which they are doing. Actually they are now habituated to it and changing is really hard for them.

 Can we change? Most of us have developed some habits which we cannot give up, but sometimes we do change. When we pledge that we need to get rid of some habits we often get success by getting rid of them. Litterbugs too also have develop the habit to spread dirt and pollution, and they can't change easily. Litterbugs will only change if their thinking will change.

 I believe that changes are part of life. Things change, people change and even situation changes. In the childhood we see cartoons for many hours, but when we reach the teenage stage most of us stop watching cartoons regularly. Litterbugs also should understand that changing is necessary and that can happen only if they pledge that they won't spread dirt at any public place.

 Previously kids loved to watched cartoons, but now I see many kids who don't like to watch cartoons much. Nowadays I see that many kids prefer to play games on their smartphone or computer more than watching cartoons. I think litterbugs can learn a good lesson from this. Nowadays kids have become more intelligent and they prefer to go for the best things. According to me, cleanliness is one of the best things which litterbugs should understand now. If you're a litterbug, then change immediately as some kid may shout on you for making the roads and surroundings dirty.

 I wrote this post because I want people in India to change. I don't want them to be always called as litterbugs. I want them to be called as the 'Cleanliness Spreaders'. If kids can act like matured people, then litterbugs can also act in a better way than what they do. Kids also don't give respect to litterbugs and that's why for getting respect from kids you'll need to change.

It is quite possible that your kids may stop listening to you just because they don't like your habit of littering at public places.

 Kids nowadays make use of dustbins for throwing papers and other waste things. Why can't you use dustbins? Do you think that dustbins are kept just as a showpiece? If you don't throw papers in dustbins, then start doing this from now.

 Image Source - FreeDigitalPhotos

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 If we won't raise our voice, then litterbugs may keep spreading litter in public places. We shouldn't ignore their wrongful acts as we need to correct them and make them realize the importance of cleanliness. Do you think that litterbugs can change? Will litterbugs get any respect from the intelligent kids of our country?


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