Jul 11, 2014

Xiaomi Mi4 with Metal Body may get launched on 22nd July

We already know that Xiaomi Mi3 is going to get available in India from 15th July. Now the latest news which is making Xiaomi more popular is that it may soon launch one more superb Android smartphone.This new Android smarphone will be Xiaomi Mi4 which will come with metal body. It'll first get launched in China and then we can expect to see it getting launched in India also very soon. It seems that Xiaomi wants to try to dominate the Indian smartphones market by first launching Mi3, and then continuing it by launching Mi4.

 Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone has already become popular in India, even if it is not launched in India. This type of massive popularity of Mi3 must have made Xiaomi think about launching more superb smartphones in India. Xiaomi is very popular in China, and its success in India may make it even more popular in China too. Xiaomi seems to be ready to get lot of popularity globally by selling its Android smartphones at reasonable price.

Xiaomi Mi4 Features Price Specs

 Mi4 may launch with an unibody design, powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 13 megapixel camera and 3GB RAM. It may also have LTE connectivity. You may also see some very unique features in Mi4. If Mi4 gets launched with such specs, then the price of this smartphone may be much higher in comparison to the price of Mi3.

 Xiaomi Mi4 will come with a metal body and this factor may make many people wait for this smartphone in India. As Mi3 is launching with attractive specs and features, people in India must be expecting that Mi4 will be having much better specs.

 If you can't wait for Xiaomi Mi4, then you should definitely think about purchasing Xiaomi Mi3 which will get available on 15th July. At price Rs 14,999 , Xiaomi Mi3 is definitely going to be the best medium budget Android smartphone in India. It'll be interesting to know the price at which Xiaomi will launch Mi4 in India. After the launch of Mi3 at a reasonable price, people are expecting to see other Xiaomi smartphones also getting launched at a reasonable price in India.

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  1. I haven't heard about xiaomi still.. i'm crazy about smartphone.. well hoping for a great start up in India.. :)


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