Jul 25, 2014

Asus Zenfone Providing Powers to do Incredible Things

Are you looking to buy a smartphone which can provide you some powers to do some incredible things?

 Asus Zenfone smartphone can be perfect choice for you. If you're looking to buy a smartphone which can provide you powers to make some people happy and bringing change into society, then Zenfone smartphone is what you need.

 Asus know that everyone wants to have a powerful smartphone. Asus understands that different people have different budget for buying a good smartphone. Asus is that's why offering 3 different Zenfone smartphones.

 Now I'll let you know that what type of powers this smartphone may provide you for doing some good and incredible things.

Zenfone 4 A400CG
Asus Zenfone 4 A400CG

 Expecting Zenfone to work like a Robot?

 You may be thinking that Zenfone will work like a robot for you, but this may not happen. I understand that Zenfone is a very powerful smartphone with different powers, but expecting it to become a robot may not be the right dream for now. In future that is after 15-20 this can happen, but I don't think that it will become possible.

 Don't Worry. 

Even if it can't be turned into a robot to do certain tasks for free for us. It can be used for doing some very incredible things.

 Zenfone may become the Remote for your Car in future

 ah! You may be thinking that how this may happen.

Still now we never thought that a smartphone will become a remote control for driving car, but this may happen soon. Zenfone smartphones come with the latest technology. I'm hoping that someone will develop a special App which will make the super power Zenfone smartphone turn into a remote control for driving cars.

Will you like to drive your Car using a smartphone in future? Are you hoping that this may happen very soon?

 Zenfone may soon help in doing Health Checkups

 You may not know Asus has got 'reddot award 2014' for providing latest technology in Zenfone smartphones. Already many Apps help out in knowing some health related things. I'm expecting Asus to provide some special App which may help in doing most type of health checkups. If this will become possible, then it may be helpful for many people.

 Zenfone Smartphones may soon do the work of an Air-Conditioner 

 I was hoping from long time that smartphones should come with some special functions. One of the functions that I was expecting smartphones to perform was to do the work of a fan or air-conditioner. As Zenfone smartphones comes with the latest technology, I'm expecting that some special App will be made by makin use of this technology to make the smartphone work like an air-conditioner.

 I don't know that when this may happen, but I have very high hopes from Asus.

It is nice to see that Asus is providing amazing powers to its smartphones.

 Taking Selfies for Making Unknown People Happy

 All teenagers love to take Selfies. Don't You?

 Whenever we are travelling by bus or train, we often find some people to be sad because of their busy life or other problems. All the 3 Zenfone series smartphones have got good front facing camera. It is really nice to see that Asus has provided front camera even in its low cost Zenfone smartphone. You can make use of this front front camera to take selfies with such unknown people whom you find to be frustrated. In this way they may feel happy and forget their problems at least for some days.

 By doing this you may not only make few people happy, but there is chance that these people whom you're making happy may do the same incredible thing to make some other people happy.

 You may not be able to take the best selfies with every smartphone, but with Asus Zenfone smartphones you can definitely do it without any problem.

Zenfone 5 Best Medium Budget Smartphone
Asus Zenfone 5

Do Photography for Free

 Everyone may not be able to hire a good photographerIsn't it?

 Some people due to very low budget may not be able to hire a professional photographer for special events like marriage, engagement etc

 According to me, Zenfone smartphones have got the best rear facing camera. Zenfone 4 which costs very less has got rear facing camera of 5 megapixels, while Medium Budget Zenfone 5 comes with 8 megapixel camera. The best Zenfone smartphone which is Zenfone 6 has got a superb rear facing camera of 13 megapixel.

 Rear facing camera of Zenfone smartphones come with PixelMaster technology. This is why you'll be able to take pictures even when the light is dull or extremely low.

 By making use of this rear facing camera of Zenfone smartphone you can do photography for free for some of the events. You can even record super quality videos using the rear facing camera.

 By doing photography for free, you may really make some families happy as they may have never thought that they'll get a photographer for free.

 Parents Can Make their Kids Happy by gifting them a Zenfone 

 Previously gifting a good smartphone was out of the budget for many parents, but now things have changed. All the 3 Asus smartphones are amazing, and that's why even parents with low budget can gift a Zenfone to their children.

 Zenfone 4 can be the first Android smartphone for any teenager who is just about to enter his college life. Children may after receiving Zenfone smartphone may find it to be the most incredible gift which they have got in their life.

 Tell Latest News to Others by using Zenphone Smartphone

 Everyone may not have a fast functioning Zenfone smartphone. 

After having a Zenfone smartphone, you'll be able to easily check out the latest news by using internet connectivity. Zenfone smartphones come with Intel Atom processor and that's why you will be able to browse websites without any problem. ZenUI interface will provide you with the best browsing experience.

 Zenfone Series Smartphones are Suitable for Everyone

 Some people due to their age and some people due to their disability may not be able to carry a smartphone which weights more. Asus Zenfone 5 weighs 145 grams which means that it is very easy to carry.

 Old age people or people with some physical disability who dream to have a very good smartphone which weighs less may definitely go for Zenfone 5. 8GB version of Zenfone 5 costs Rs 9,999 and hence you can definitely buy this smartphone for someone who is elderly or disabled in your family or friends.

Asus Zenfone 6

 I felt very happy writing some amazing ideas in this post. For your knowledge this post is for a contest arranged by Asus and Indiblogger. You can have a look Asus's Zenphone Campaign for knowing more about their smartphones.

 You can go for Zenfone 4 A400CG or Zenfone 4 A450CG priced Rs 5,999 and Rs 6,999 respectively, Zenfone 5 which comes in 8GB and 16GB variant, or Zenfone 6 which is most powerful and now available at Rs 16,999. It is really to see company like Asus launching amazing smartphones in India at an affordable price. Asus is getting success, and that's we may soon see that Asus may launch many more smartphones with some more incredible powers. 

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  1. The Asus Zenfone 5 is seriously the best smartphone ever in 10k range. The processor, RAM and the camera too, everything looks as if a mini computer and a camera is installed in a mobile device.

    Getting a Zenfone 5 as a gift from parents or anyone would be the best! Correct said.

    Nice post!


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