Mar 30, 2014

Apple iPhone 6 Coming in 2 Versions in September

Apple iPhone 6 has become the most awaited smartphone of the year 2014. You may have already heard many rumors about iPhone 6 and you may be thinking that whether such things heard are true or not. The quality and features is the reason which is making many people from different countries wait for Apple iPhone 6. Apple iPhone 6 is going to launch in 2 different versions and the launch event may be in September month.

The news related to iPhone 6 is that it will get launched with 2 different screen sizes which will be 4.7 inch Apple iPhone 6 and 5.5 inch Apple iPhone 6. Some people like larger size and that's why they will definitely consider to go for Apple iPhone 6 which comes with 5.5 inch touchscreen.

If the resolution of the touchscreen of iPhone 6 would be better than resolution of Apple iPhone 5S then definitely Apple iPhone 6 can be a massive hit. People who have low budget may go for the iPhone 6 which comes with 4.7 inch screen as the price of this iPhone 6 version may be less than the price of another one. Better resolution will mean that people will be able to really enjoy a lot more with iPhone 6. People are really waiting to know what type of display screen Apple will provide this time and there are few who are also expecting good touchscreen protection this time.

Android smartphones with 5.5 inch and 6 inch have good success in many countries and that's why may be Apple doesn't want to make anyone disappointed. iPhone with large screen is something which everyone wants and it seems that it is going to happen very soon.

Apple is really taking a good decision if they are thinking to launch iPhone 6 in 2 versions as some people may really love it. It may become an important reason for massive success of the upcoming iPhone 6. Apple may need to manufacture really good number of both the versions of iPhone 6 as 2 different versions may make the new iPhone model the most successful one.

Fingerprint sensor is another feature which we are getting to hear about the upcoming iPhone model. If there is a very good Fingerprint Sensor provided in iPhone 6 then definitely it may get success even more than some of the popular Android smartphones.

There will be more updates and news coming about iPhone 6. If you are a fan of Apple products and you are also waiting for this smartphone then definitely you should keep visiting this website for all the updates.


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