Mar 3, 2014

Apple Wants To Open Apple Stores in India

We all love iPhone, iPad and other Apple gadgets which work on iOS. Apple products are high priced but people who want really good quality and fast working devices choose to still buy gadgets manufactured by Apple. In India we can find Apple products in many stores but now Apple is thinking to start its own stores in India. If this happens then definitely we may see that more people will think to buy Apple products.

Apple is a Cupertino-based company and now Apple has made a request from Indian Government. Apple wants some relaxation in the FDI policy so that it can open Apple stores in India. Currently there is a rule that companies need to source 30% materials locally and Apple wants some relaxation in this rule. Apple products are of very high quality and less local materials may be required.

Indians love smartphones, tablets and all other devices which can connect them to the internet. Apple is definitely seeing a good prospect in India and that's why it is thinking to increase the sales by opening Apple stores.

Apple is selling its products currently through various Resellers and by opening Apple stores, people will be getting the opportunity to buy Apple devices directly.

Still there has been no decision by Indian Government regarding the relaxation for which Apple has asked. If this relaxation happens then many more companies may think about opening their retail stores in India. The growing demand in India for all types of products will definitely bring many big companies for doing business and opening stores in India.

If Apple stores open in India then definitely there will be various advantages of it. There will be more jobs available and even there may be discount offered on some of the best gadgets by Apple. It may take time but definitely someday we can expect to see Apple stores will be available in India. 


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