Feb 26, 2014

Telegram - Why to download this Messaging App?

We now all know that WhatsApp has been acquired by Facebook. The other messaging Apps like WeChat, BBM, Hike etc are been used by people but not downloaded as much as WhatsApp. One of the new messaging Apps which is getting really good response these days is Telegram App. People who are looking for some new features have decided to download Telegram messaging App.

WhatsApp is definitely one of the most downloaded mobile Apps but it is necessary that you should know that why people are downloading Telegram App. Now go through the reasons which will make you understand that why you should download Telegram. You will also realize some of the factors which may help Telegram App to compete with WhatsApp.

When Telegram started getting more downloads

We all thought that after no App will compete with WhatsApp but the thinking changed when Telegram was downloaded by lot of people. People got little frustrated when WhatsApp stopped working for 3 hours which is few days back. As WhatsApp was not working, people thought to try out a new App and they found Telegram to be the most preferred App due to some of the impressive features of this App.

Easy and simple to use

The main reason WhatsApp is the most used messaging App for smartphones worldwide is that it is very easy and simple to use. Telegram also is very easy and simple to use and we have tried this App out. You have to just find which phone contacts are available on Telegram App and then you can message them. Telegram loads very fast and you shall find no problem in using this App.

Secret Chat feature allows self destruction of messages

Security is one of the most important reasons which is making people choose Telegram App. Encrypted data is something we all have got to know about Telegram App. Secret Chat feature is the most important feature because the messages get self destructed. If you want that your messages should be not stored then definitely you will need to make use of the Secret Chat feature. WhatsApp doesn't have this Secret Chat feature and that's why people who want more privacy have also downloaded Telegram App on their smartphones.

Group Chat feature is available

Group Chat is something we all love to do on WhatsApp. Telegram App also has group chat feature and that's why you may find Telegram also very useful especially if you want to form groups for talking with all your friends together.

Telegram is getting good response but it will be exciting to see that whether it will be really able to compete with WhatsApp. Daily Telegram is been downloaded by lot of people worldwide. We are expecting that WhatsApp will be getting voice calling feature in few months and that's why the developers of Telegram App will also need to come out with some really good features.


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