Feb 19, 2014

Facebook Buys WhatsApp : Biggest Tech News of Today

The biggest news of today is that Facebook has purchased WhatsApp. It is really a very big deal and we never had any idea that such big deal will happen between Facebook and WhatsApp. $19 Billion is the price for which WhatsApp has been bought by Facebook. We should now know why this deal happened and what you can expect more in future.

Facebook is definitely the best social networking site and WhatsApp is the best social messaging App for mobile phones. WhatsApp has got competition from other messaging Apps like BBM, WeChat etc but it still always has been the best messaging App. Facebook's owner Mark definitely understands the value of WhatsApp and that's why he got ready for paying a very high price to the owners of WhatsApp.

How Facebook will be paying WhatsApp owners?

Whole money in cash? No, WhatsApp owners are not going to get cash for the complete deal. Here is what WhatsApp owners will be getting from Mark. $4 Billion cash will be given for WhatsApp and $12 Billion will be given as Facebook stocks. $3 Billion will be provided as restricted stocks.  WhatsApp owners are definitely earning lot of money because of this deal which should definitely make them happy.

Improvement in WhatsApp after this deal?

After this deal has happen you can expect somethings really good happening with WhatsApp. You can expect some new cool features coming to WhatsApp. You may expect some of the premium features coming to WhatsApp. It all depends upon Facebook's owner now. He may better know the plans he has made with WhatsApp. It will be damn very exciting to see that whether there will be any massive changes in WhatsApp messaging App or just there will be very small changes done.

Who are WhatsApp owners?

WhatsApp owners are Brian Acton and Jan Koum. According to sources Jan Koum holds 45% share. It has been also heard that in 2009 Brian Acton wanted to work for Facebook but that time Facebook didn't accepted him. Now Brian has become the Board of Director of Facebook as he will receiving good number of shares and the cash amount will make him wealthy too.

We have seen many big deals happening in the tech world. Nokia getting sold and many other deals have been seen to be done. This is one of the biggest deals as WhatsApp is really useful and Facebook may bring more users to WhatsApp which may definitely earn the revenue. If your friend asks any information regarding why Facebook bought WhatsApp, you can definitely let him know that how big deal Facebook has made by buying WhatsApp.


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