Feb 18, 2014

Aakash 4 Tablet : Affordable Low Budget Tablet For Students

Education system in India can definitely improved if all the students gain access to internet and they start utilizing it for finding useful information. Internet can provide the knowledge which Indian students need. Now Telecom Minister has announced that Aakash 4 tablet will get available in around 45 days..Students who still don't have a tablet and miss the chance to access internet shall definitely be happy hearing this news about Aakash 4 tablet.

Aakash 2 and Aakash 3 tablets didn't get much success. This time Aakash 4 tablet is said to be a modern tablet and it comes with better features than the Aakash tablets which were released earlier. Students know that it is the era of smartphones and tablets which work very fast. Students are expecting Aakash 4 tablet to have good processor and they expect it to be working properly so that it can fulfill all their education needs. Checking out the features of Aakash 4 tablet will really be good for students who want to buy a tablet as soon as possible.

Some of the Features of Aakash 4 tablet

It has decent 7 inch screen. There is a camera in front available in Aakash 4 tablet. Even if internal memory is said to be 4GB, you shouldn't worry as there is availability of slot for inserting memory card. You get external memory up to 32GB. Connectivity features like Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G and 4G will be available on this low budget Aakah 4 tablet.

Price of Aakash 4 tablet

Price of Aakash 4 tablet is very affordable.. According to all the news and information, Aakash 4 tablet will get available at the price Rs 3,999. Most of the good tablets come at price over Rs 5,000 so it will be really exciting to see what is the design and how good Aakash tablet works as the price is very low.

Aakash 4 tablet is made especially to fulfill the needs of students. If Aakash 4 tablets makes students happy then nothing more is required. Students should love to access internet on Aakash 4 tablet as it has all the connectivity features. The success of Aakash 4 tablet will mainly depend on the satisfaction which students will get after using it. It should definitely first get available for the students who are studying in schools and colleges in India.


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