Dec 18, 2013

Dhoom 3 Movie Releasing On 20th December

After Dhoom 2, the time for Dhoom 3 has finally come. Dhoom 3 Movie is releasing on 20th December and definitely this time as the release is in December, people are really excited to watch the movie Dhoom 3. Christmas is near and school kids will definitely get holiday from school. Dhoom 3 can be one of the best movies to be watched during the Christmas holidays.

 As there are so many stars in the movie Dhoom 3 you may definitely want to see what type of roles they have played and whether Dhoom 3 is really much more better than the previous Dhoom.

Movie has been directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya and here is the look at the star-cast of the movie Dhoom 3.

Aamir Khan

Katina Kaif

Jackie Shroff

Abhishek Bachchan 

Uday Chopra

Aamir Khan's name in the movie Dhoom 3 is Sahir while the name of the lead actress Katrina Kaif is Aaliya. Abhishek Bachchan is played role of A.C.P Jai Dixit while Uday Chopra is playing the role of Ali Akbar. Diana Penty is also there in the movie and she is playing the role of Selina Kapoor. As two glamorous actress are there in the movie Dhoom 3, you shall really be excited to watch the two glamorous actress in the movie.

This is definitely going to be an action packed movie as perfectionist Aamir Khan is present in the movie Dhoom 3. Music Director is Pritam Chakroborty and many songs have already got popular.

This film is produced by Yash Raj films and that's why you can definitely expect a lot from this movie. 

Already there has been lot of news regarding the high price of tickets of movie Dhoom 3. People are speaking about high price of Dhoom 3 in some theatres while some theatres are going to keep the price same. It is heard that in IMAX you shall pay around Rs 500 to Rs 900 for watching the movie Dhoom 3. In IMAX you shall love to watch the movie Dhoom 3 as the movie is going to relax in different format which is IMAX form. If you want to watch Dhoom 3 movie at an affordable price then definitely you can head towards Gaiety Galaxy in Bandra, Mumbai as the price of the movie as been kept the same so that people can afford to watch the movie. You may not get the tickets for the movie Dhoom 3 as pre-booking has been done for most of the shows.

Already people have liked the trailers of the Movie Dhoom 3 and the thing people are walking to see in the movie Dhoom 3 is the look of the Aamir Khan. I am expecting the movie Dhoom 3 will cross 100 crores very fast and it may be one of the best bollywood movies of the year 2013. Lets hope that most of the people will be enjoying their Christmas and will be definitely watching movie Dhoom 3.


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