Nov 17, 2012

How to make a blog famous in few months?

Are you starting a new blog? If you are starting a new blog and still thinking that how many months you will have to work hard to make it famous then here is the answer.

 The number of blogs are increasing day by day and it has become very hard to get good number of visitors regularly to the blog. A new blog may not be able to get famous unless the blogger is ready to spend quality time working on the blog and other aspects. Making a blog famous in few months is definitely possible but a blogger needs to follow certain 3 important tips which are mentioned in this blog post.

 1. Use of proper SEO techniques - For making a blog famous it is necessary that the blog should get good rank in search engines for some particular keywords. If as a blogger you give importance to SEO then definitely you will get many visitors coming to your new blog. It is necessary that you have proper title, description and tags as they are some of the important aspects of SEO.

 2. Proper marketing of the new blog through social networking sites - Your new blog cannot get famous in few months unless you do proper social media marketing. Firstly you will need to develop a facebook fan page for your blog so that you can make your friends and other people know about your new blog. Your blog cannot get famous if you concentrate only on facebook and that's why you need to market your blog on twitter and other social networking sites too.

 3. Posting Guest Posts and comments on other blogs - If you are a new blogger then definitely you will need to make a identity for yourself and your blog. You can make guest posts on the blogs which allow bloggers to post guest posts. If you don't have so much time to post guest posts then you can start commenting on other blogs. When you will make guest posts or comments, bloggers will get to know you and they will also start visiting your blog.

 Making a new blog famous in few months is not very difficult but if you don't follow any of the 3 above mentioned 3 important tips then it can really get very difficult. Some bloggers give the credit of their success in very few months to their SEO knowledge while some say that it happen all because of the reason that they posted guest posts on many blogs.

 If other bloggers can make their famous in few months then you too can. Have the determination, dedication and spirit to do hard work then definitely you will achieve your goal to make your blog famous in few months.


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