Oct 29, 2010

Shradha Sharma going to enter Big Boss.

Shradha Sharma going to enter Big Boss.

     The latest gossips in the tv serials is that the new entry in the Big Boss house which is going to take place soon.The new entry will be of Shradha Sharma who is girl friend of Raja Chaudhary.

    May be the life for Shweta Tiwari in the Big Boss house is going to be with more troubles. Shweta Tiwari was seem sad and crying after the argument with Dolly Bindra who entered the house last week and Shweta always found her to be irritating her.

  This can be called as an another game by Big Boss to make Big Boss more interesting . May be after this groups will be formed and may be there will be more fights in the house. It will be very interesting to see how Shweta Tiwari will deal with this and what talks will happen in the Big Boss house.


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