Sep 24, 2015

Xiaomi MiBand Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Bracelet Watch at an Affordable Price

Today, I will make you know some of the best features of Xiaomi MiBand. It is a Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Bracelet watch which is already very popular. Track your daily activities and do many other things by making use of all the functions of Xiaomi MiBand. If you still now haven't bought this MiBand, then after checking this post you may like to buy it immediately.

 Before you check out all the special features of Xiaomi MiBand, you should know that it is compatible with smartphones working on Android 4.4 and iOS 7.0 (or above).

Xiaomi MiBand Best Features

 Track Your Activities with Xiaomi MiBand

 Xiaomi MiBand will make sure that it calculates the distance traveled and the calories burnt by you. Living a healthy life can definitely become possible by tracking the activities daily with Xiaomi MiBand. Those who go for morning walk like this smart bracelet watch a lot as it doesn't cause any discomfort to them while they are walking or running.

 Smart Vibration Alarm Clock

 Many people miss out on going to walk just because they don't wake up at the right time. It is provided with a smart vibration alarm clock which can wake you up at the right time. The smart vibration clock will make you wake up at the time you want and you may find it as a better option than the other alarm clocks.

 Sleep Monitoring Feature

 It comes with special Auto sleep monitoring which will make you know that how many hours you slept and make sure that you're sleeping well. If you always wanted a gadget which can make you know the number of hours you sleep, then MiBand shall be the solution for you.

 Call Reminder - Don't Miss Out Important Phone Calls

 One of the special functions of MiBand is to make you remind that someone is calling you. Whenever you'll get a call on your smartphone, MiBand will shake and make you remind of the phone call which you're getting.

 It is a high quality gadget as it makes use of the best quality Bluetooth chip and Military Motion Sensor. You won't get disappointed with this smart Bracelet watch launched by Xiaomi. The most amazing thing is that it comes with standby time of 30 days which you may not get with any other smart Bracelet watch.

 If you're using a Mi smartphone, then you'll be able to unlock it by making use of this MiBand.

 Currently, this popular MiBand Smart Bracelet by Xiaomi can be purchased from GearBest at $15.99 only. GearBest is giving good discount on this popular smart bracelet watch as many people are very attracted towards it. You may even expect to get more discount as they come with many discount offers regularly. Don't miss out on buying this MiBand as the stock may end soon. You can even check out the customer reviews by going to the product link as then you'll get complete idea about this MiBand.

 At the website, you'll be even able to find a special video which will make you know that how this MiBand works. After checking out the functions of it, you may definitely want to try it out yourself immediately.

 Xiaomi MiBand at $15.99 is definitely a good option for all those who haven't bought a smart bracelet watch yet. Get fit and active by making use of this special product by Xiaomi which is already very popular worldwide. You can even ask your friends who might be already using Xiaomi MiBand that whether they are completely satisfied with it or not.

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