Feb 14, 2018

Infinix Hot S3 Smartphone with Octa Core Processor, 20MP Front Camera

 Infinx Hot S3 smartphone has got launched in India at price Rs 8,999 which comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage space. The other variant with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage space is priced at Rs 10,999. Infinix Hot S3 has become a popular smartphone due to Octa Core processor, 20MP front camera and other good features provided in a smartphone price Rs 8,999 only. If your budget is Rs 10,000, then check out all the features of Rs 10,000.

Rings and Bracelets at Jivaana : Check the Best Collection

Jivaana is the store where people find the best ethnic jewellery for any type of occasion. Buying designer jewellery online has become a trend nowadays and people find the best collection at this popular online store. From necklaces to earrings, every type of jewellery collection can be found at Jivaana. If you’re looking for affordable designer jewellery, then your search for the best rings and bracelets will definitely end at Jivaana. You’ll find variety of accessories and products that will make you look the best at this store.

Stylish Designer Rings Online

Designer rings are in massive demand these days especially among people looking for ethnic jewellery. Designer rings especially designed for special occasions are available at Jivaana. You’ll find special rings in circular, rectangular and various other shapes at Jivaana. The designer rings at Jivaana are of best quality and there are different color options available. Even small size rings in special designs can be purchased from Jivaana. The most amazing thing about the rings available at Jivaana is that there are some specially designed rings. You shouldn’t miss on checking the special yellow and black colored ring priced Rs 7,500, Green and Black colored ring priced Rs 10,000. Ruby Raang ring with different colors is one of the best rings and it is also called as Navratan Kundan ring.

Affordable Bracelets with Best Designs

Jivaana has the collection of best bracelets with different type of designs. There are small bracelets as well as hathful bracelets. The special Label Amara green stone bracelet is priced at Rs 2,150 only. There are even Moti bracelets available which you may be the suitable with your clothing. Watch style bracelet and bracelet with different pearls can be purchased from Jivaana. You’ll find that new bracelets are regularly added in the collection by the Jivaana team.

Special Discount at Jivaana

When you’ll visit the Jivaana store now, you’ll find that there is 50% discount on some of the wedding collection jewellery and other products. Make sure to use this offer as it may end at any time without any intimation. Jivaana regularly offers such discounts on wedding collection jewellery as people mainly visit this store to fulfill their requirements whenever they are going for an important wedding.

Jivaana is the store which will help you achieve all your shopping goals for any upcoming event. Without wearing a good ring and bracelet, your hands may look incomplete and wearing them may make you look more attractive. Do let us know that which ring or bracelet you’ve decided to purchase from the Jivaana store.

Feb 4, 2018

Designer Necklace – Know Why You Need One for the Next Wedding?

Necklace forms a very important part of women jewellery. Designer necklace and pearl necklace available at Jivaana look very attractive and you’ll find them to be the best in comparison to some of the old style necklaces. You should definitely have a look at different type of necklaces available at Jivaana and how a necklace makes a woman look more beautiful.

Jan 31, 2018

Jivaana’s Ethnic Earrings Collection – Why You Need to Go for It?

Earrings are definitely important to every woman. When it comes to going stylish, women prefer to go for the best earrings. Jivaana has got the best collection of ethic earrings that will look suitable on you on any occasion. Earrings definitely enhance the beauty and that’s why you may definitely want to go through such amazing collection of earrings.

Jul 10, 2016

Why Children Should Catch Up on Lost Growth? Know the Reasons

 As the eating habits have changed and children are nowadays more attracted towards fast food, many of them fail to get proper nutrition. Lost growth is a problem which is affecting many children. Many children have less height and they weight much lesser than what they should as per their age. Parents should always try their best to make the children catch up on the lost growth, as it can become difficult if proper attention is not given at the right time.

Jun 28, 2016

OnePlus Collaborates with Servify to Offer Accidental Protection Plan

OnePlus has got many fans in India and it seems that it is all ready to gain more attention in this year 2016. It has collaborated with Servify to offer accidental protection plan to OnePlus 3 users. This is definitely an exciting news for all the OnePlus 3 users. It has even launched a very useful OnePlus Care App. If you're an OnePlus fan, then definitely you may feel interested to know about this collaboration of OnePlus with Servify. After launching on June 14, OnePlus 3 smartphone has already got good popularity.

Jun 3, 2016

Datsun redi-Go : A Car for the Ready-to-Go Generation

Everything is changing in this world as people are nowadays getting more attracted towards new technology and luxury. The new car which is getting lot of popularity due to its amazing look and different features is Datsun redi-Go. This car is for the new generation people who are always ready to keep moving from here to there. If you have been looking for a car which can provide complete comfort and has all the required features too, then you may definitely go for Datsun redi-Go.

May 14, 2016

Travelling from Mumbai to Dubai - Having the Best Vacation

 Everyone of us wants to go for a vacation as it makes us become happy. The hectic work life makes many people become frustrated and that's why planning a perfect vacation is a must. The idea of perfect vacation is different for different people. My ideal vacation destiny is Dubai and there are many reasons for it. Dubai is the place where one of the cousins has traveled to recently and the reason is the good life over there. He always tells me about his fix routine and how he is enjoying his life in Dubai.
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